Good Morning Kenya, From Nairobi National Park!

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Confession Time. Who’s not been to Nairobi National Park? Hands Up!

It’s been on my list for quite a while now, and I finally got to it on one Sunday morning. With the alarm buzzing at 5.30 am. We made it to the main gate accessed from Lang’ata Road around 6.30 am. Sundays mornings are always beautiful.

We were not expecting the many nature enthusiasts all queued up waiting to go into the park. We reached and found over 50 tourists in line all being served by just 2 receptionists! After some time the murmurs began and rose into full-blown complaints regarding efficiency at the ticketing booth.

So heads up, if you can, get there early to pay for your entrance fee as well as the car fee. If you can load your safari park card (For more info, click here) in advance, even better. This will save you time as you’ll have access to the park gate directly. Since we didn’t have the card, we lost about an hour waiting to pay at the reception, as well as detail confirmation at the park gate. We ended up getting into the park at 7.30 am.

Upon entrance to the park we were in awe at how the morning sun drew the city in perfect light.

The new skyscrapers in Upper Hill area are most visible, forming a concrete backdrop to a serene grassland. We were definitely not prepared for these stunning views.

We visited the park mid January when it was scathingly hot & dry. As far as the eye could see, one could see the impact of the drought on the vast land of stiffened grass yellowed by the harsh sun. Even then, we still saw fat healthy animals like the zebras, elands, impala, buffaloes, warthogs, giraffes, wildebeest and dozens of bird-life.

The beauty of the park is that it is surrounded by views of the outskirts of the city. You will experience planes landing at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Towards the Mombasa Road side, you will view plains that oversee part of Kitengela and some of the cement factories in the distance.

Within the park, towards Rongai you’ll get to view a part of the famous Masai Lodge. This area of the park was much greener, due to the river flowing through. You get to see lots of hyraxes here and monkeys who’ll want your snacks ?. With this serene view into the Mokoyeti valley gorge you’ll get a refreshing break from the city! There’s a picnic site here for you to enjoy on a lovely sunny afternoon. Be vigilant of wild animals though.

Look out for this signage within the park for directions to different sights and picnic locations.

Most of the mid morning as we drove around looking for the elusive lions, we bumped into herds of gazelles, zebras and ostriches.

We were hoping one of our highlights of this visit would be to spot a lion or a cheetah. Fellow drivers directed us to where they had seen the lions but every time we got there the lions seem to have left. We’ll blame it on the heat, for now!

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If you have a free afternoon (preferably not a weekend!) visit the park and I hope you’ll have better luck spotting the lions ?

Till then, stay adventurous!