My very first post! Here’s to telling the positive Kenyan story!


So is this what it feels like!
I have dodged and looked for excuses, and finally here I am. Ready? Here we go!
This blog is inspired by a trip to Isiolo and years of a nagging, pestering thought to do what needs to be done; telling the positive Kenyan Story through travel photography. I bet you have yours too, shared with a friend, ever so enthusiastically. Maybe with family. Okay, and maybe anyone who has cared to listen to your adventures.
What really happens though? You find yourself on a picturesque trip, the world is all around you, your cares are behind you, you decide that nothing will hold you back. You are going to enjoy the world! Off you go, click click click, cameras go, phone cameras unleashed, shared on Facebook, IG or whatever rocks your boat. ? Some likes here, some oooohs and aaaahs there, comments, and you feel the world is right there with you. You wish you could share this with everyone you know. Your trip comes to a close, you are back at your desk, the excitement starts to die down, pictures soon turn to memories way back when you went somewhere. Memories are then stuck in folders in your computer, hard disk (we haven’t really printed for the family albums in a while) and after a while those memories are tucked away and like a whisp of vapour in the wind, they are gone.
But wait. So much darkness already? Too soon! This is my large folder, sharing photography and stories about a Kenyan’s experience; where I have been, what I have wanted to share with the world in the moments of excitement. This is a journey, and the footprints are the tracks. It’s culture, landscapes, people, laughter, hills, our athletes. It’s the great Kenyan story we know.
Karibu. Drop by every so often. And spread the word! ?