How about starting the year with Ngong Hills?

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Happy New Year folks!

What are we up to this year? Sharing more of our amazing country with you!

Many times, I get asked,

  • How do you choose where to go?
  • What is the criteria?
  • Do you have a list?
  • Do you blindfold and pin a place on the map? (Sounds like a plan this one ? )

Honestly, there usually isn’t a solid plan. :-p Okay that’s not entirely true. Sometimes it is out of sheer interest of wanting to find out what a place has to offer. One of those memorable trips was Isiolo. Another thing is location scouting, where we can get some great photos.

Travel doesn’t have to be some far-reaching place in the clouds where you only dream about going! We have some cool places right here in Kenya and around Nairobi!

Last year in December we took a random drive to Ngong Hills late evening, only to be treated with nature’s showdown. You cannot afford to miss the views at Sunset people! In a word, BREATHTAKING! The wind was super gusty I almost thought I’d be blown down the hill! And I didn’t even carry my parachute! :-p

The sun sets really quick, so be sure to get there in good time to take in the view. And do leave in good time since the place has wild animals roaming around and security can be an issue.

Getting There:

We used Ngong Road, drove past Karen, through Ngong Town and up the hills. Factor in traffic from Ngong Road (ongoing construction) as well as the traffic within Ngong Town. We got there just in time to catch the sunset!

What to Carry:

Carry a wind breaker, dress warm and most importantly, hydrate.

There’s so many places to explore within & around Nairobi and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you. Until then, get your adventure hat on! ?